We pass down pictures as a legacy. They are visual memories and stories of people and places that we love. They are moments of yesterday we can enjoy today and in the future. They are tangible evidence of family history. Pictures connect us to those who came before us, who we were before and who we are now. Pictures express personalities and family dynamics. They remind us of good times with ones we love.


Senior photography is a way to visually to capture and celebrate this stage in life, to capture who you are.


Once you have children, all you want to do is share them with family & friends.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister… I cherish my family and friends which is one of the reasons why I love Children and Family photography so much. From the first time I held a camera I have enjoyed taking pictures of people and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. I like to capture each and every subject at their best while maintaining simplicity and innate beauty.